About Us

PIANOCYCLE, a Minnesota based Public Benefit Company, relocates, reuses, and recycles acoustic pianos in the Twin Cities area.

Rates for both upcycle/recycle as well as piano moving start at $199 for small upright pianos. (Rates increase for large uprights, grands, moves with interior stairs, etc. *Call/email us for a free quote.)

PIANOCYCLE will try to place your piano with local families for free. If we are not able to find a new home, metal from your piano will be responsibly recycled and wood will be upcycled.

Families receive pianos for free, and only need to pay an $88 delivery fee.

Below are some recent pics:

When pianos no longer work or we are not able to place them in homes or schools, we responsibly recycle the metal and upcycle the wood.

Here are some pictures of that process:

Donovan, an independent contractor that we call a "KEY PARTNER", shows how he removes pins from the recycled pianos...

Donovan going through some of the upcycled wood. This wood will be used by local carpenters and artists to make shelves, tables, and a variety of other creative projects.

Cast iron harps en route to the metal recycler...

Some creative ways that upcycled wood/material from pianos can be used: